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Любовное письмо

You know of coarse the 8th of March, The International Women’s day.
This day originates from women’s manifestations for better working conditions and rights to vote in Europe and USA in the beginning of the 20th century.
After loosing its original meaning this holiday became the Women’s day in Russia.
You do not find a single man who does not by flowers for his loved ones, for his wife, mother, sister, for his colleagues at work, etc.. In Russia, this day signifies the beginning of spring in hearts. It makes you dizzy to see all these men with flowers and all women that look their best.

This year I asked my husband to give me the exceptional gift – to write me a letter of love by telling our story!
I can not describe my motions when I read what he had written… This letter is now here, in this book and I am very happy to leave this heritage to our children so that they will know all their life how they were desired and loved, and so that their parents love story will give them wings and help them in difficult times.

When we make scrapbooking, we make pages about our kids, about our family, about our pets, and rarely about ourselves. Make this time your loved ones, you husband, even you father work to write a letter of love to you. I am convinced that you will be surprised, because these men do not go into details but look deep inside. Later, make a page or alter a book including this letter using my kit.

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