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Романтический город Квебек

Quebec City is the most European city of America and surely, the most romantic. I owe many things to this city and this kit was inspired by its beauty.

This kit is really personal (maybe that is why I included 18 papers instead of 10 as I usually do). Here is why: The 9th of March 2007 will be the 10th anniversary of my coming to Canada.

This feels like yesterday…
Just imagine, after spending 6 month in New Caledonia, and a few days in Los Angeles, I arrived in Montreal in the middle of a snow storm…
Hopefully, my two childhood friends welcomed to Montreal open handed. On top of that, my best friend came from Germany to encourage me. I am so glad you were there! It would have been a lot more difficult without you.

I do not remember why, but we decided to visit Quebec. Maybe we wanted to show the city to our German friend?! Finally, dressed in russian furs and canadian boots we left to explore Quebec City.
And zoom! I fell in love with this city. It was cold, but that did not matter, the city’s beauty warmed my heart.

Later, I would come back often to show the city to my European friends or again, at the last minute, with my University colleagues. Or to see the incredible winter Carnival and drink Caribou. Or with my fiancé to say goodbye to the 20th century and to spend a night in a celebrity suite in one of the towers at Château Frontenac. With time we will find our favorite hotels and get to the restaurants where we often come back, our little streets to wander and our boutiques to find little treasures or just to admire. All this will happen later.
But I keep seeing myself in March 1997 beside Château Frontenac, surrounded by my childhood friends asking myself thousands of questions about my future in this unfamiliar country.

I will later come to enjoy Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa along with the little towns I happened to visit. All of this without regrets trying not to look back. But Quebec will always have a place in my heart and thoughts as the town that encouraged me to turn the page and continue my way with my head held high.

Shabby Chic

This collection by Daisyd’s is really beautiful and versatile; you can make vintage pages, antique pages, or pages in any other style you want. I find that these papers are perfect for creating pages, or to get to know the Shabby Chic style.

This style is well known in furnishing, and home decoration. It consists of recycling old furniture that is out of fashion, by painting it in white and leaving age marks. This gives interiors lightness and clarity. It is true that scrapbooking had to include this style among many that already existed. What is great about this style is that it gives you an opportunity to be imperfect. You can mix papers, textures, use your recycling and even add a personal touch to your pages by adding whatever you find in your grandmother’s jewelry box. Isn’t this great?! You must remember to keep your page light.
You must give priority to off-white colors: light beige, light brown. And as a final touch – light green, powder pink, brown, red, light azure, etc.

It is up to you to find the perfect mix. And do not forget that imperfection is welcomed and the key to success.
You can see one of my pages made in this style.

Acrylic stamps.

This is a genius innovation.
Doodling, little or small letters, all sorts of flowers full of details, etc., you can now make everything without missing, because this stamps are transparent and you can see where you put them. There is a lot on the market…. You will find everything to your taste.

I propose to you as an add-on one new stamp by Li’l Davis Designs.
It is mostly the big flower with doodling that attracted me. I found it very versatile (as most of the acrylic stamps), because you can stamp it as a whole, just as a half or use only motives that are around our inside. I will show you some examples…

To use acrylic stamps you will need an acrylic bloc or a stamp that sticks ( I suggest you use different dimensions: big and little square, rectangle). I use inks or markers, this allows me to have more colors at the same time.

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