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Первая выставка
14 марта 2007

Here is the news! Scrapmagie participated at the first show as an exhibitor. It was the “L’événement du scrapbooking de Lanaudière » held at Joliette from March 10 to March 11, 2007.

I just loved this experience. What’s more, people could see and touch all this beautiful products that I put in my kits.

I want to thank the organizers – Audrey Lavoie and Nancy Rainville from “Concept Événementiel”. They were always ready to our needs.

I also want to thank all of you who bought my kits, all my devoted clients that came to see me and to say hi and all my new acquaintances that I met during the show.

Special thanks to everybody who worked during the show, to I new before and to everybody I met there. It is always pleasant to see so many passionate people.

Moreover, my booth was surrounded with companies that are making stamps and I was able to learn a lot of tricks. And we had a lot of fun together when the weather surprised us with an ice storm and when there was not many people left Saturday evening.

And I can not stop thanking my husband who was there with me during my new experience, who helped me, supported me and at the end got so hooked up that was talking even more then me. Thank you my love!

Here are the pictures…


Etampes Luni




La Cour à

Creative Memories

L'atelier du papier

La Scrapbookerie

La boutique du Scrapbooking

L'Entrepôt du Scrapbooking

Roches, Papiers, Ciseaux



Scrapbook St-Sauveur

Les Scrapbookeuses

Photo Joliette Dumoulin

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