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Artist Book

This January project "Artist's Book" was inspired by artists' sketches and books that I've seen by visiting exhibitions in the Fine Arts museums of Montreal and Quebec.

So, I decided to create a notebook where I will try some techniques, where I'll stick my favorite pieces of paper, where I would testing materials and paints mixtures, etc.., and so on. ...

That's what I want to do. The beauty of this project is that it doesn’t have any time limit. This project can take a week, a month, a year or more. I just wish that will be for you another source of inspiration and creation.

You can also use this project to make an art journal a yearbook with your favorite photos, a calendar, or that still an album to suit with your tastes and inspirations. That's your turn to play ...

These are some techniques, ideas and inspirations that I will present in the “Step by Step" section.

Therefore, if you buy this January project, you will obtain 1 year (!) of FREE access to the “Step by Step" section where all these techniques, inspirations and other tips and tricks will be published and explained in detail.

Att: The number of remaining projects is very limited, I suggest you to hurry and buy yours as soon as possible if you want it!

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