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Winter Magic

December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!
Health, happiness, success in all your plans and everything you want!


December 23,2009

Cookies for Santa ...
The tradition requires...

This year I don't make cookies but I made my dark chocolate cake that everyone loves.

And now my favorites

Martha Stewart


And full of discoveries on the Blog In Jennie's Kitchen via The Recipe Girl


December 21, 2009

When I was leafing through the new issue of Elle Quebec, I found an article on Charlotte Hosten and that describing the creation of beautiful necklaces. And I was inspired by the wonders she had created and I have decided to create one for me by using (of course) flowers from Prima.
I love the result that is very "Venetian". And I think I'll wear it at Christmas ...

Watching me making it, my daughter said to me she also wants to make a necklace. And here is the result of our creation.

Thanks to Vanessa Valencia (I've already talked about her several times) I found the Blog of a woman who create hallucinating things. Her name is Laetitia Miéral and she is making paper-maché creations that taking your breath away. His work is extraordinary, with many details and with a high quality finish!
I fall in love with her creations ... Bravo!

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December 20, 2009

Perhaps you'll be surprised, but since the beginning of December I made very little scrapbooking. Besides making cards and frames that I've spoken. It's incredible, we have always something to do: friends, outings, invitations, entertainment etc..
In addition my printer stopped print and I don't have time repair it. So, my project from 1 to 31 is not advanced beyond December 10. But I have not abandoned the idea to finish it...

And, since a few days I received boxes with Russian books in and it's total happiness. Every evening I sat with a cup of tea and I read. At the same time I want to finish the latest book of Dan Brown and I to inspire of the book of Annette Tatum for my future projects.

And here is one of the Weekly Walks ...

We went to have breakfast with Santa at the Bay .. For the first time I heard about it and I was interested .. The children loved it. Breakfast, games, crafts and show with elves and of course - Santa Claus and traditional photos.

And then we went to see Christmas decorations in this shop. I've already talked about our tradition last year ....

You asked me what's my favorite Christmas song in French ....
This is it.

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December 17, 2009

Weekly Walks

In a brochure describing activities for the holidays, I found a workshop where you can make shadow puppets. That was a 3 nights activities, but we could do it just for one night.

All these activities were held in the Atwater children library of Montreal. When we are arriving, I was very intricate by the building: huge original wooden doors, marble staircase, counters, shelves, locks - everything was looking so old as if nothing had changed since its construction. And while my children played by creating puppets, I left to explore information about this building.

And the discovery was incredible!

That historic building (whose official name was originally "The Mechanics' Institute of Montreal") is the home of the oldest library in Montreal and was founded in 1828. It was created to educate workers for emerging and growing industries of the city. Workers was learned there basic topics. Instead of classroom activities, that institution had organized lectures program, weekly information sessions and managed a library and a reading room. At that time, the library was much more than a library.

You can read the history of that library on their website.

But I realized too late that my battery was not enough charged by so I could not take pictures of that building. But I would love to return.

And the workshop was equally impressive. We had a lot of fun.

Thank you very much to the team who was receiving us so nicely!


December 16, 2009

Do you have your favorite Christmas song ?!... Surely ...

And if you ask a Russian what is the most popular song, it will be this one

Everybody knows. Here you sing it all the time, the children know. It is part of our family history and so I decided to devote an album. This song is written inside.
This album in Step by Step is HERE.

You can listen in French. It's Marie Michèle Desrosiers who sings with the Choir of the Red Army. I love this album.

And here you can listen the interpretation by Denis Matsuev - a very talented pianist. He plays this song inspired by Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Jazz.


December 14, 2009

I think each of us, at the end, have to break records regarding the amount of things we have to manage in December.: Meetings, parties, gifts, preparations for Christmas, choosing the Christmas tree, decorating the house or the apartment, preparing delicious meals and looking for new recipes and we try to complete all things that we should have finished since so long .... If you have young children, we must go to visit Santa Claus and looking for competitions, concerts, shows, meetings with relatives, friends, letter to Santa. We should also look for gifts that will be sent by Santa, clean the fireplace for his smoothly arrival on X day, and etc. etc. ... Hourra for the holidays!

In addition, we try as scrapbookers, to make our gifts for our love ones by applying our talents .... Is not it?! ..

Me, I decided this year to provide frameworks in abundance. The idea is very simple, I choose the frames in the style preferred by our friends and I put in the scrapbooking paper which will also correspond to their taste. I packed it and that unique gift is ready.

I do not show them to you to keep the secret until the holidays.
But to give you an idea of it, here you can see some frames installed in the bedrooms of our children that I alternate from time to time. Children love it and me too.
All the papers are from my former kits or baskets.

Here's another idea - to offer a calendar.
That is a great idea of Celeste Smith on the KI & Memories Blog.
Thank you very much, Celeste!

And why not to complete it with Holiday expressions offered on the Creating Keepsakes magazine Blog (in English)

And here's an idea of packaging

Good creation!

December 10, 2009

Yesterday it was the first storm - 20 cm of snow. It's pure happiness for children.
And making my album from 1 to December 31 I was inspired by this tag of Tim Holtz.

I pasted the snowflakes that you have in this kit and the alphabet which is still available here.
But I haven't metal tape. So I glued the aluminium foil. And I used Ranger Alcohol inks. Then I added Stickles.
Thank you very much, Tim, for the inspiration!

And on the Blog of Vanessa Valencia that I admire very much, I found this inspiring tutorial. WOW! Very good.
Thank you very much, Vanessa, for the inspiration!

And today we had the chance to see the passage of the Olympic flame goes to Vancouver. It was a long procession. But I'll watch you just 2 pictures (I put layers to protect faces)...

And that reminds me the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. I was a little girl, but I remember the closing of the Games and we sing this song even today.

The stadium is getting quiet,
The transient time of miracles is melting away.
Good-bye, our sweet Misha!
Go back to your fairy-tale forest.
Don't be sad, say good-bye with a smile,
And remember these days, remember...
Make a wish that all our dreams come true,
Make a wish that we all meet again....

December 8, 2007

Snowman - what's easiest and what we can invent more. But every year we invented again and again - in craft, in scrapbookng in kitchen ...

After the CHA I've already talked about this lovely collection from Cosmo Cricket is included in the kit "Winter Magic" (I still have just 1 kit!).
I wait for to have snow to take pictures and make an album using this kit (I will show in Section Step by Step).
Until I made this card for a teacher of my son.

These incredible snowmen I saw at CHA Summer. It's creation of Linda Albrecht. Remember, she was my guest in April 2008.

And this adorable creation belongs to Melissa Phillips (my guest in June 2008). I love every little thing she does.

Martha Stewart - very classic. How is here.

This snowman is so cute. It is here. Nicole is so creative!

And the snowman in marzipan I bought at "Marius et Fanny".

December 6, 2009

Are you doing Christmas wreath? "
I always think to do, but every year I put a beautiful, but very classic and traditional wreath.

I loved the idea seen in a recent issue of Marie Claire ideas.

As the crown made by Tonia Dirk. Her tutorial is great.

And it did 2 years I want to make the crown inspired by Danielle Thompson.

I do all this if one day I'll have more time ...
Today we had a party with children by making these small wreaths ...

One of the songs from my childhood .... My childhood friends! This is for you!

December 5, 2009

Weekly Walks

Today we visited an exhibition absolutely incredible - the paintings of John William Waterhouse. This is the most complete exhibition of his art that I have seen before just in art books. I love his imagination. And for me a great discovery was the presentation of his sketchbooks.

And the night we made our traditional walk to see holiday decorations at Ogilvy and Holt Renfrew to the joy of children.

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December 4, 2009

Do not miss the Sale of 4 days! The information is in the "News" section!

Inspiration around the World 8

To continue the topic about my Advent calendar from December 1st ...

Thanks to Blog of Fiona Carter (that I love very much to visit) I found this group on Flick.
We can found absolutely brilliant ideas.
Thank you, Fiona, for the inspiration!

I loved the idea of Nichol Magouirk.
I had the chance to participate in her make & take during my first trip to CHA in January 2007.
Thank you very much, Nichol, for the inspiration!

This calendar I did last year (the idea I got it in a store). It is the favorite of my children.

And I still inspire tags of Tim Holtz that I put in my album 1 to December 31 (check out the message of December 1).
Thank you very much, Tim, for the inspiration!

And to listen beautiful Christmas music ...

Happy weekend everyone!

December 3, 2009

Better late than never...
After change my computer I could find and recover most all my files that I lost due to a bug of previous years.

And here's a column about Glitter wrote by Liette Prevost - my Guest in October 2008 for Scrapmagie.

I'm sorry for this involuntary delay!


"Glitter" by Liette Prevost

Who among us has never dreamed of an enchanted land where the sun is reflecting on a magical treasure will shine with thousand of lights??
YES, I had dreamed when I was a child and I was daydreaming by fantasy storybook where princes and princesses lived in opulent wealth of their kingdoms. While growing up, the pleasure of being dazzled by the sparkling gems, crowns and royal robes fascinated me as much ....

I always loved twinkling greeting cards, Christmas decorations and original colourful clothing that threw much light on that very special period of the year contrasting to our ordinary everyday life that can be interesting but without that magical touch ...

When I first became interested in scrapbooking, bling bling fashion was not appropriate at that time and I dared not put too much of that brilliant powder because that was not yet in vogue like today! ! But I kept it for the holiday period, which implied a certain magnificence! Then Egyptian dance conquered me by the beauty of their clothing and by the grace of their movement so feminine ... I've finally brought on me dazzling ornaments does shine with thousand lights!

Since some time, a sudden change was made in the way we can use brilliants to color and to decorate our pages! You will find on the market a large range of products very easy to use ... That is not a widespread technique but for those who like it they do it on a very large-scale, like...ME ...

I used in every way possible by putting Rhine stones, embossing powders, glitter glue, pencil gel, stickles ... everywhere, everywhere. And at the end, I like to use it to put the final touch to complete a layout to attract the eyes of our inner child who like to dream about magic treasures!

Here are some examples of how you can use glitter ..!!!

To frame a photo or a page, you can draw a scroll or inked pattern, nothing better to throw much light and thereby to attract a deep look ...

You can use acrylic coatings and subsequently glitter glue to emphasize the changing reflections of the inked or painted chipboards ...

For a mobile shinning effect, you can put a lot of flowers, buttons and brads where you sprinkle liberally their surfaces ...

For restoring also the lustre to a felt, ribbon, fabric and metal that will become as precious stones and sparkling ...

You can also use it on all glittering plastic surfaces, embossed paper or cardboard ... ... and you can add few stones and small jewellery!

Every day, I wish you all a lot of shinning pages!
Liette x x x

December 2, 2009

Weekly Walks

This year again we visited the Salon "Passion Chocolat". It was smaller than last year that I've shown you in 2008 (in Step by Step section), but always interesting and particularly appetizing.

I had a great pleasure to photograph these chocolate creations.

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December 1, 2009

How will you start this December month? ..
Since I have children, our tradition requires to install a advent calendar on the wall of our living room. And each morning the children run to read the little messages that we have prepared for them.

For all those who have been able this year to get this calendar from me (I hope you have already received it) have noticed that I have put one little tag with a lovely cut inside each envelope. So this is there I write where to pick up a surprise or the activity that they are going to do that day. That is very simple and the children enjoy to do that.

And since today that is not a secret, Christmas music is playing in our house. This year I bought a new Christmas album by Andrea Bocelli "My Christmas".

And the Bob Dylan song, the whole family already knows it by heart ....

Do not forget to visit daily the Blog of Tim Holtz. He still offer his famous 12 Christmas tags.
I can not resist ... I think I'll do like last year and I'll include them in my album from 1st to December 31st.
Do not be afraid to try do it. Tim invents incredible techniques. It is quite possible that you do not have any products. But this is not a problem. We can always replace with something else. The most important is to try and learn, right? !..

Here's my tag I made inspired by that of Tim. I replaced the Distress Inks (I did not have these colors) by the Glimmer Mist (included in this kit ).

To make the snowman, I used Tim's new Stamps but in paper. After that I painted, sanded and embossed using the powder Distress.
And the new transparent crackle paint and Distress Stickles (you have in my December kits) give a beautiful finish.
In this picture my Distress Stickles is not dry. After it will by like ice... beautiful.

Thank you very much, Tim, for the inspiration!

For your questions and comments:


December is a magic month that I always loved. I cook a lot, I read a lot, I'm doing full of things with the kids, I meet my friends, I make cards that I send around the world, etc ... and above all I try to remind myself and finish everything that I started during the year.

I know it's something quite unrealistic and impossible to achieve, but at least I'll try to do it ...

So, I decided to offer something new that I promise to you from a long time ago and that I do not have time to finish and activate - a Blog. In fact, the real blog is ready since April, but it is empty, because my actual web site takes all my time and I still have not decided if I really need a Blog.

In my head I feel that I need it not to tell you about my private life, but to group together all sorts of links, hits, beautiful things, discoveries and all that inspires me in life.
And I thought, why I do not start it on my actual web site?!. Above all the "Inspiration" section that I like so much is already there and that I have neglected somewhat in recent months.

So now (until the real blog, if it will be) I'll post full of interesting things in this "Inspiration" section. I'll add messages by date and you will find all articles published each month from bottom to top (as they are usually found in blogs). Then, each month will be placed in the Archives section where you can always find it.

I also decided to put in that section everything that you love so much like and request: weekly walks, creative books, inspiration from elsewhere and storage.

The Step by Step section will always be functional and I'm going to share with you my tips, my techniques, my scrapbooking pages and projects with their Step by Step. To access each month to that section, you should at least buy an available kit, project or add-on on the site since 2007 or by purchasing a specific subscription to that section.

For questions and comments you can always send me a message:
It will be very appreciated!

Well, will be here often...

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