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Cottage life

Cottage Life ....

I think when we hear that phrase “each of us has a picture or a nostalgic memory in his head about that”. Is not it?

These memories are probably about a place somewhere near a river or a lake, near a forest or a large field without end, or with a BBQ, comfortable sofas and rocking chair which are covered with large shawls of old mother or cushions, lot of books on the floor, rustic furniture so worn that his slightest movement is heard creaking, wild fruits in large bowls, fresh flowers in the morning songs of birds and finally.... the silence before friends arrive to fill the house of joy, laughter, jokes and conversations until dawn ....

That is the distant memory of I remain from the cottage life in my childhood ...

It's incredible how these memories can remain etched in the memory ...

What style do I choose today to build a cottage, if I had one? ..

I would have arranged it to have the freshness of a pastel white and of a cream-hazelnut,

or in a country style with square red fabrics and images of cock here and there.

Or in a Scandinavian style with great clarity and wood.

Or in a Victorian style with lots of tissues but in a soft palette.

Or in a totally rustic style with wooden furniture worn but very solid.

Perhaps it would be rather in the romantic French style with a lot of vintage finds.

Or in a style that reminds me all my travels on the beach of the sea or of the ocean.

Or at the end in a shabby chic style, a style that is so sweet and so comfortable ...

Honestly, I do not know ... But surely that would be a place full of friends, children, laughter and good memories. Because the bad memories they are leaving with the wind ...

And these are all my thoughts when I prepared these "so big and so beautiful" kits and baskets.

I have in mind two albums that I will make so using the kit and the basket of the month of May and I'll send to my subscribers a step by step during the month of May. These albums will fill of pockets, labels, envelopes and ... probably with very good memories.


*Pictures source: Book “Cottage life”

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