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Grandmother tales

The grandmother on that picture in the Inspiration is an image of my childhood ... I see myself watching my grandmother sit in the evening in his chair where she worked on her spinning wheel to prepare the thread to knit our wool socks. And I was very young but I remember being sit beside her and asking her to tell me some stories.

I don’t remember these stories or the topics of these but the magic of that ambiance, when she told me those stories, is still engraved in my memory.

Influenced by my grandmother, I was able, when I was a teenager, to invent full stories from scratch and start them from a single word. Over time, I lost that talent, but now my children ask me tell them some stories about different topics.
And the life and magic of my grandmother continue.

Here the little nostalgic note that inspired me so that I create for you this project ...

And now the tips and techniques used by my December guest, Gislaine Vincent, to create her magnificent album full filled with history.

This Album in details you can see in the December Gallery


Step 1: Embossing of moldings - Ink with heritage brown ink first, then add the two metallic colors: teal and bronze.

Step 2 - Molding on cover page - Ink the molding in two different tones in order to give it an antique look. I have used the Ultimate Metallic inks from ENCORE in Teal and Bronze colors.

Step 3: Sprinkle golden powder and heat until the powder turns gold.

Step 4: Affix the embossed moldings to the cover with glue dots.

Photo of the detail of the embossing on the Melissa Frances molding to give it a vintage aspect.

The butterfly was matter on brown cardstock, mounted on a spring and embellished with a glitter gel pen and stickles.

Details on flowers embellished with stickles.

In order to make the turquoise rosette, make loops (see photo) and hold tight between thumb and index. Pierce each one of the loops and insert metallic brads.

When building pages on which a pattern must follow on next page, make sure to align said pattern onto next page for a better visual uniformity when book is open.

I changed the color of the flower on the cover so it would fit better with the album cover pattern,
I sprayed some tattered rose frist and then I placed a plastic cover on top to spray the contours of the flower in brown

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