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Princesse Party

Life is really incredible ...

During my daughter grew, I always expected at some point that she will ask me to have a Barbie or something else. And when she was 3 ½ years she said she loved all princesses, but her favorite was Cinderella.

And princesses madness began. She always brings with her the image of the 5 famous princesses of Disney. And I thought in myself to celebrate her 4 years old I should organize a princesses party ...

And you can imagine that when I saw at the CHA this collection with girls, pumpkin carriages and castles, I could not do otherwise than to create this project.

And then when I organized the Princesses Party, I asked to all her girlfriends to dress as princesses. ... And I invited a real princess from the enterprise «Mademoiselle Pïnki».

And it was an excellent choice. In addition to being beautiful and nice, she told stories about princesses to children, she makeup girls, she teach them how to do a reverence and she has talked a lot with them. And all these little princesses were absolutely amazed.
And I thought to myself that event maybe will be her first memories of childhood - her Princesses Party.

And when the "Pinki Princess" has asked the girls to name their favorite princess, I had a flash of my childhood ...

As you can imagine, we did not have princesses and Barbie especially not during my childhood in Russia. But one day, I had maybe 7 years old, I went during the winter at St. Petersburg. And my brother brought me in a cinema that existed only in that city. And that cinema showed only films of Walt Disney. We watched together "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" ... .. And even today I still remember my amazement. And my brother draws me a very well done draft of the Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs exactly as they were in the comics. I can not remember how many times I've copied this layer not to lose this precious draft and I think it is always somewhere in Moscow.
And now it's amazing how my daughter made me relive some of those forgotten emotions.
Life is really unbelievable!

The second project is very Shabby Chic.

Last year, I've already written a chronicle describing this style. It is different from the vintage style. In fact it is a fake vintage. With furniture, you take old furniture and you paint it in white, leaving traces of the original furniture.
Well known today, this style was invented by Rachel Ashwell who had English origin and who was probably inspired by Victorian houses and cottages of England and by the abundance of pink and soft blades and by pale colors.

So, the project that I've prepared is a true real Shabby Chic.

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