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"Gaudeamus" (coming from the latin expression "Gaudeamus igitur" meaning - Therefore let us rejoice) is the name of a medieval song (the first word of this song was "Gaudeamus") which was very popular among students in Europe and later in Russia.

We do not know the real origin of this song, but we know that it was widespread in medieval Europe in the thirteenth century and was used to celebrate life with all its joys, the awakening of youth and the wonders of science. It has become so informal anthem World students.

Over the centuries, "Gaudeamus" had became a student symbol accepted by all members of the international community of students.

"Gaudeamus" was inspired by the joyful songs of goliards, singers and medieval poets. The music of this hymn was written by a Flemish Johann Okenghem in XV century. The first printed version of "Gaudeamus" has appeared in 1776 and was transformed in 1781 by a German poet named Kindleben. This latest version, which became a popular anthem of students and has been kept unchanged to this day.

And for me who've studied a lot, this anthem has a great significance and reminds me of wonderful memories of my student life. It reminds me of my joys, my adventures, my friends, my travels, my best teachers, my discoveries, my first sadness, my ethnological and archaeological expeditions and all the wonderful learning that I made at that time. That's all that it represents this hymn we sang each year at the end of our studies.

I have so countless memories! I do not have any photos or very few of this time, but all these memories remained in my heart. And my friends that I found out on this unforgettable "road" are still there in my heart. Thank to the life!

And in doing this kit, I thought of my great teachers in Moscow that I learned so much by always demonstrate us great wisdom and great respect. They gave me the bite of the desire for continuous learning for all my life and that I would like to transmit that to my children now. This is my hope for my kids to have the chance to have such great teachers who will give them the will to learn continuously throughout their lives.

This kit is very big and all the papers are twofold (except 1 of Basic Grey). So you can do a lot of pages or projects by using them. This kit is classic and vintage at the same time.

Good creation!

And now, here the chronicle of Mylene Ouellette on acrylic paint ...

First, let me say that painting is my favorite medium in scrapbooking. Needless to tell you the pleasure I had to make this column for Marina and her site Scrapmagie.

Before I begin, I would like to present my heartthrob acrylic paint.

You will notice that I did not have necessarily a preference for choosing the company but rather for the texture of these paintings. They are a little more expensive than liquid acrylic paint, but they are so good. You will not have the obligation to leave a little bowl to soak your brush. Moreover, you can use it beautifully with your fingers because their texture resembles the pudding. These paintings allow you to use certain colors that are iridescent which certainly add a touch of magic to your creations.

I show you now the layouts that I had made with the superb September kit of Scrapmagie by using the paint.

I opted for pink painting to bring out the lettering and colors of this old photograph. Note: The paint was applied with a spatula.

Having trouble finding lettering? Use paint to write directly on your page. You'll notice here that I put the blue powder paint behind acetate to bring out the printing.

Here the use of red paint is more discreet. I used it to enhance the flower and my lettering.

Now, nothing special technique ... This way of using paint on this page may be ideal for someone who wants to learn about the exercise.

Ho! Now a little bit of boldness. I used a canvas and I put masking tape on it. I then used several colors to make me a fund that would go perfectly with this old picture. I only used my fingers to apply paint. Have fun, you lose the notion of time;) I promise you that!

A rustic look to finish it by incorporating an element of nature. A little bit of parsley! Ha! ha! ha! Yes, why not add texture to your paint and your page?!

SM: For the next layouts Mylene Ouellette don’t use Scrapmagie’s September kit!

Doodling and Arabesques: Here I had applied paint brush, and I had used the crayon thereafter. I think it gives little more dimension to the painting as well. For more impact using a very contrasting color on your background ... and for more softness, I suggest to use a color closest to the one of your background.

Why not create your own designs? On this page I had stamped watercolors with a “dauber”.

You can also use your squarely acrylic stamps or foam. It works very well.
As you see I even stamped on vellum and masking tape. There are no limits. Let your fingers guide you.

The brush that you use will necessarily affect the outcome of your traits. Open your eyes in the artist shops equipments. You can find very different brushes. On this page I had tried to recreate the bark of a birch tree by using a cardboard on the surface and a brush very rigid.

My favorite tool is without any doubt, my fingers! Easy to clean, you do not need to look long and they are easy to bring in a crop with girlfriends. I find that the fingers are more generous and that it is still easier to create great movements and the texture on small pages.

Finally, I would say do not hesitate to explore different surface features for your painting. Here I used watercolors, but this time on a coffee filter. Just drawing everywhere on the filter with desired colors and then drop one by one small drops of water where we want the colors are mixed to each other. It follows then a beautiful large colorful circle.

I have only a small phrase that comes to my mind to conclude this presentation: Go ahead! Dirty!

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