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Pink kits

I've already talked about what inspires me to make the Rose kit. HERE.

I thank all those who had bought or will buy these kits and these add-ons to contribute to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Quebec.

You know we are never safe from this terrible disease. Perhaps, this small action that will save the life a day of someone…. I remember the letter of a woman has written to thank me for doing this initiative and explain me how the Foundation help her to fight this disease.

And in addition, these kits are absolutely beautiful!
Have you seen my guests creations? These creations are incredible!
And for the first time, I invited a designer, for one of my kits roses, which make only cards. I thought that it will help you if you ever want to make a card of thanks, encouragement, and so on.
As I always say, life is so fragile, you never know what can happen to us…

And once again, I dedicate these kits to all those who fight against this disease and who have won or lost. For precious memories of this life which is always nice, but not always easy.

And now I show you these kits and the add-ons in details…

I'll start with the add-ons…

Add-on 3:

2 sheets 12x12 of felt (blue and pink)

The adhesive beads

Some stickers. I've forgotten the photographed for this add-on. But it”s included.

Self-adhesive Fabric Tags

I love a lot. They are essential for those who make albums. But they are also good for your pages.

More fabric tags

The magnificent brads and folders to beautify your projects.

This mini album contains 16 pages of 4 different designs. Great for write journaling, to beautify your creations or to use as it stood.

Add-on 2:

Crown Album

2 sacalloped pink paper.


Some rub-ons

Frame Rub-ons

Stickers in epoxy (beautiful!)

5 sheets of different rub-ons

I love it…… These magnificent self-adhesive chipboard. Everyone is different.


The ribbons

This paper is a transparent paint. You can use ink, felt pens, inc alcohol, paint and so on.

Kit Rose 2:

This kit is very colourful and very soft at the same time. Look in the Gallery very artistic pages by Sylvie Leblond. You can also see the album I made in using this kit (Step by Step 74) spent the spring.

Scalloped Papers. WOW!

Double-side papers. Recto


One-side paper.

This paper is embossed and is silvery

This paper is already cut. You can use it to your albums or on your pages

The alphabet

Different Stickers

Stickers with a little bit of Glitter

Many embellishments. (Look at more in the picture of kit for see the ribbons)

Kit Rose 3:

This kit is very Shabby Chic, very sweet. Look in the gallery the beautiful cards that Melissa Phillips has been using this kit and her Step by Step 71.

Scalloped Papers

Double-side papers recto


I love this paper very Shabby Chic

One-side paper

This paper is lightly embossed

The paper you can cut into 6 to use it for journaling.

The ribbons

A sticker "Damask" and the stone

You will have one or the other in the kit

This magnificent lace felt gives so much possibility.

This photo I took in CHA winter. Beautiful!

These stickers are transparent.

These stickers are perfect for writing your text.

They are slightly embossed with Glitter.

The alphabet in velvet.

And embellishments in abundance… flowers, labels, brads…

Good creation!

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