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Before I have my children, I always took my holidays on May 1st, or took few days prior to go somewhere and to celebrate my birthday.

For my 25th birthday, I celebrated it with my childhood friends who are lived at that time in Germany. It was my first visit to that country. I loved the architecture, the picturesque small towns, the cleanliness and the incredible amount of countless flowers.

And therefore, these two kits of May have been inspired by theses 2 cities (among others) that I had the chance to visit.

My photos from this trip are in Moscow. That is why I will give you links to see these beautiful cities in photos.

The first city is Heidelberg.

It is said that this city is a symbol of German Romanticism. Heidelberg - a city of superlatives. Here is the oldest university in Germany, which was founded in 1386, the longest commercial street, parks and incredible… the biggest barrel of wine made 200 years ago and which may be filled with 220,000 litres of wine. Impressive, no?

This city with his students is very happy. Life is very active here and we have no time for boredom.

Pictures of Heidelberg

Pictures of Heidelberg

The second city is Baden-Baden

This city has a charm and has an incredible calm. It is perhaps for this reason that kings, tzars and the nobility had chosen this city to stay and rest. And that's not to mention its beauty and its resorts and holiday spas.
It called Baden-Baden "the summer capital of Europe", "the Royal Spa." This city has ancient traditions of hospitality to welcome visitors and to ensure that their stay is the more than pleasant as possible.

Already at the beginning of the first millennium, the Romans sought and found healing in the valley of the river. They built large baths for the soldiers.
Baden-Baden is well known in Russia and worldwide as one of the best resorts. The station has always been the favorite of Russian visitors. It is believed he gained popularity thanks to the Russian aristocracy. The wife of Alexander I, the princess born Baden, was the first to introduce the fashion to go to Baden-Baden for its spas.

Here you can rests, you can admire, you can stroll quietly, and you can see how life is beautiful!

Pictures of Baden-Baden

Pictures of Baden-Baden


Now, in response to your request, I will show you the kits and complements of May….

As you perhaps already noticed, I am convince that is preferable to buy products of excellent quality. In my opinion, if I pay, I must pay for very good products and services. I prefer to have products that are of quality rather than having many products that do not inspire me at all and which will remain on the shelves.

So, I'll present you these beautiful kits in more detail. In fact, this is what I do for my classes.
I just want to clarify once again that I do not sell products separately. I always want to popularize this formula that saves your time, your money and avoids the anguish – with the use of creative kits. And they don’t diminish your creativity, on contrary they help it to flourish. Just look the wonders done by my guests and you will be like me completely convinced. Indeed, they give you a very large range of possibilities. Since these kits have only new products, you can create with them by using other items that you already have or supplementing them with products purchased at your favorite store or divided them to adapt them to your projects, your tastes and your desires.

The Kit "Heidelberg" is a very classic kit with shades of brown, pink, green, beige.

Papers front double

And back

This paper of Teresa Collins is twofold and it is perfect for writing journaling. You can even make a mini-album with it.

The scalloped paper. It makes a tremendous impact on our pages. I have already told you that this is a great trend and you'll have almost of them in all my kits.

Papers simple

I love this alphabet of Prima. You can change the style of your pages by using it to move from a classical style to Shabby Chic.
You can ink, sand, paint it or leave it unchanged. And why not use the crackling medium, it can give a beautiful effect.

The advantage of this alphabet is that you have 4 letters "A", 4 letters "E" and so on, which are so essential…

The stickers of Basic Grey will give the final touches to your pages. Sometimes, when you are finishing a page, you have the impression we would still something for finishing them correctly. And I think those stickers are perfect for that. They don’t make your page too heavy and they will give a beautiful final touch.

Some flowers, chipboard - unique and indispensable.

The sticky pearls (look to the gallery how Melanie Blackburn has used them) and a transparent to beautify your photo. Trying to put the transparent on different papers and you will find the ideal solution for you.

Kit "Baden-Baden" is filled with sunshine and joy. By the way, I think this palette of colors is the easiest to work in scrapbooking. And in addition, you can use it for your photos taken in 3 seasons. It is perfect for spring, which is essential for the summer and very magic for the fall.

Papers front doubles

And back

This scalloped border was a brilliant innovation of Sassafraslass. You can use as it is, cut it to the framing of a photograph or to accentuate the journaling, and so on.

This paper is twofold. If you do not want all these writings, you can use the other side with his united orange-red. Myself, I will use this paper by cutting small cards to write journaling or to decorate my pages. And if, like me, you love to do mini-albums, it's just perfect.

Transparent papers of Hambly. You know, I love them.
This paper is yellow by on the screen it’s look more green.
The possibilities are endless.

This one is lime-green

More scalloped papers. Remember this album?. Do you recognize this orange paper? It was my one from the Heart.

Papers simple

The alphabet three colors of Making Memories. It is magnificent

The decals of Hambly. You have a lime-green in the kit and black in the Add-ons "BB2".
Look what Danielle Thompson has been using these rub-ons.
And in the Blog of Hambly Screen Prints: Hambly Screen Prints Blog

Two transparents: one a like bouquet and the other for the frame.

Brightest stickers.

The transparent diecuts of different colors and shapes. You have 22 (!) in the kit. Look the layouts done by my guests (See what Rita Weiss and Michelle Clement have done when they have used them). They are incredible because they are self-adhesive. It’s wonderful and very useful!

Different chipboards

Many flowers from new collections of Prima.

Flowers from Maya Road made with a ribbon.

“Add-on BB1"

In this supplement, I had put a sheet of transparent frames. This sheet is absolutely magnificent.
A sheet of chipboard from Fancy Pants. As I have already told you, do not throw these cardboard after you use them because you can use them as stencils.

In the month of May we have the Mother's Day. That’s why I propose this embossed album where is written "Remember."
What’s a good gift for your mother… Such delicate flowers

Self-adhesive diecuts

An accordion from Maya Road which can be used as an accordion, as mini-album or as a small-time or memory. It’s your turn to do it.

“Add-ons BB2"

You can use this little book by putting pictures like a mini-album.

Or separately, using the leaves on your pages. There are 6 models of 4 sheets each.

Do not be afraid to tear up because that will give you a good effect on your pages.

The pen is also a new product from the CHA. I tried for the Make & Takes at Ranger. This pen writing perfectly on the chipboard, painting, etc..

A perforated sheet that you can use directly on your page or as a mask or for tracing drawings.

This sheet of stickers is absolutely magnificent. You can use the sticker but also what remains after you had used it.

"Add-ons BB3"

3 transparent sheets with a different design. Look at the creation of very talented girls that I photographed at the CHA .

The alphabet of Prima. I have one from the Heart for those alphabets.

6 perforated paper front


And my great discovery at CHA - these stencils of Tattered Angels. Use them with Glimmer Must, with paint, as a mask, as it stood, with Alcohol Ink.
I'll make a Step by Step by showing their use.

And more flowers. In 3D this time

I would like to discover or remember for you Blogs companies or Designer’s Blogs. Here you will find a lot of inspiration….


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