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My home and my everyday

My house and my everyday life…

By choosing often our most beautiful photographs or making pages about the major events of our lives, our children, our families, it is often forgotten our little pleasures of our lives and our everyday life.

And when I saw those collections CHA, I immediately created this kit. And I am pleased to propose.
And that is the history of your house, memories of your childhood, the house of your grandparents or anything you want to tell and that will help you describe your life in your family where your children grow up.

And I am convinced that your children will be very interested to read what you will write and perhaps they can learn from this love to build their own future.

My Studio…

My studio occupies a corner in the basement. There is not a lot of space and I have a really good organizing. I love what I did because children play nearby. They have their drawers for them and they have the right to use my tools, but with my permission. I have accustomed them since they were very small and it had never been a problem.

And now I am glad not to have a biggest room for it because it restricts compulsive purchases than I did before. But I must say that since I adopted the kits formula, I do not buy much. I use the kit to complete (if I have the time) and I have zero stock.

All the furniture that you are seeing comes from IKEA. I have already told the discoveries that I made there.

My first tip: I throw all packaging. It takes place and I can often forget where my products are stored somewhere when they are in a package. I love to do projects and pages filled with small details and everything must be near my hands.

At the tot they are patterned papers stored by company names.

I am a fan of chipboards (you may have noticed that in my kits)… And I like very much those from Fancy Pants. I do not throw cartons because after I use them as stencils.

In satchels, I placed the decals, alphabets and stickers.

My pictures, my albums. This plaque I am going to alter for put in a room of my daughter.

This big box (yet Ikea) serves me for storing all kinds of glue.

These three white baskets (Ikea) are great because I was able to tie ribbons after grip.

The punch.

More chipboards. This time, the Basic Grey and Tim Holtz (that you have in the kit of January "My house 2").

And the third is used to keep me fibers and wool.

That furniture I had found at HomeSense is my treasure chest. Here I keep everything that is transparent (flowers, alphabet, tags).
And a drawer I used to keep all the small things that do not necessarily come from scrapbooking, but I could possibly use them on my pages or my albums. I must tell you that this is the drawer preferred by my children…

I love the fantasy brads or not ordinary brads. These storage spaces are great for that.

As I told you, I do not care with packages. All my chipboard are in 2 baskets. A basket is used for flowers in chipboard. The other - for all the rest.

Attached to the baskets, I put all I failed to use after changing ideas. So it’s an incentive for me to use them as soon as possible.

Some chalk, pencils (basket Ikea)

Flowers. I love them.

The cuts, transparencies, foils, Magenta stickers (great for making cards)

The lettering chipboard is settled by alphabet. These trays I bought HomeSense. I had put stamps on labels and I had added letters.

These baskets are used to keep me up things that I don’t get a lot and for all my work tools.

I have already talked about this storage for flowers and painting.

Cardstock. I don’t buy them anymore and I use them a little bit because I prefer to work with patterned papers.

Some buttons.

Kits I have to work urgently. The photos have been made in November and therefore you have already seen my projects I have done for the kit of December:“Flamboyant Christmas 2" .

I used this furniture to store kits. It's very easy. I use a kit and his place becomes available for an other one. I must admit I am very late with my production… But I have lack of time.

The 12x12 stamps of Fancy Pants are still near my hands because I use them all the time.

This furniture (Ikea) contains Stickles, inks and small cuts. This furniture is not even fulled.

These storage spaces, I used them to store colored ribbons and embellishments of all kinds.

The remaining ribbons attached after the baskets, I use them all the time.

And these are… the drawers of my children to create beside me. By chance, I do not demand from them to be also good ranger…

The small cuts are arranged by color. As you can see, I do not have a lot of them. I use these papers to complete cards immediately, giving them to my children or using them for my albums as I did with this project that I have just shown you.

These three drawers are reserved for everything concerning the stamps, embossing and glitter.

The baskets contain the new products do not coming from my kits that I buy from time to time. I had made a promise to myself to empty them before you buy something new again. These are products that I bought in the past two years.

The purpose of this article is to help you to organize your space (if not already done) and to find your own tips.
It’s just the result of my experience and some tips for you. It was this experience with the use of kits that allowed me to reduce my stock, to eliminate my compulsive buying, to organize my time and my space.

For your questions and comments:

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