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Tutti Frutti

November ... I think it was the saddest month in the year ...

There haven’t leaves on the trees, it began to have very cold, but is no snow yet.
The Halloween is past, but Christmas and holidays are still far.

That's why I wanted to make a kit for mounting morale.
It is very cheerful and dazzling, just enough to forget the sadness of November.

It is very Freestyle. For those who are comfortable with this style, it will be a real treat.

But I also thought about those who do not really love this style ... I put in this kit a round album and what I propose to you:

We have all creations of children, our children, when we were children or gifts from children of the family. Since it is difficult to throw these precious memories written by our children: "For you, MOTHER," I love you, Mom «or simply the first very Freestyle and colourful drawings.

And why not to make an album with these artistic creations? ! This kit is all you need to do it. In addition you can do with your kids without fear of ruining the project.

And I can assure you that it will be one of the most artistic albums ever made.

Enjoy! ! !

And I would love to have your comments, please ( ... ..

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