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Amber Room

Perhaps you wonder why I had make kits inspired by the towns of Venice and Quebec, by Spain with Flamenco but never by Russia… It is simple, I didn’t found the papers and the embellishments I had needed.
But when at the CHA this summer I saw these splendid collections this kit was ready in my mind.

Amber room is splendid, unique and incredible with its tragic and happy history at the same time.
It is in the imperial Palace “Tsarskoe Selo” in suburbs of St-Petersbourg in Russia. To describe you this Palace like besides all the Great Palaces of this city, would be impossible in few lines. St-Petersbourg it is a museum city which it you have to visit necessary at least once in your life. I wish it to you with all my heart.
My mother was born there, my brothers and my extended family lives there, I spent over there all my winter vacation when I was at the school. I visited it to attend in courses of history of my favourite professor and I go back there each time I go to Russia. And this city make me always dazzled, I am never disappointed and I again discover each time something new.

In 2003 with my friend of childhood, I had visited this Palace where they rebuilt the amber Room for the 300th birthday of the town of St-Petersbourg.

The Palace “Tsarskoe Selo” was built in 1710 for the wife of Pierre The Great, the Catherine I. After 40 years, this Palace was renovated for the Empress Elisabeth (the daughter of Pierre The Great and of the Catherine I) by the architect Rastrelli. He had created the “Golden Enfilade” of state rooms. And the jewel of this “enfilade” is the Amber Room. During the reign of the queen of Catherine II, known as the Great Catherine, this palace became even more splendid.

The history of the Amber Room, its disappearance, the research which always continues and its rebuilding of which you can see the images on these sites. I let to you discover it.

The Amber Room

Amber Room

Me, I was dazzled by his beauty, his richness, the complexity and the smoothness of that work as by the incredible sunbeams coming from all this beauty.



This kit is really very big. You have 24 papers to embellish each month of this calendar. I chose you general-purpose embellishments for each season.
These felts 12X12 of Fancy Pants are absolutely brilliant and pleasant to touch.

Imagine the calendar in your kitchen with photographs of you, your family and your children makes by your own hands. Isn’t that brilliant?!.


“From A to Z…”

The idea of this project came to me since my children started to ask me questions about me. And I said myself that's really a necessity to make an album on that. There are several of these questions as these which I pose even today to my own mother and which I would so much have liked to pose to my father or to my grand-parents but I could not… the life is so fragile.

And here is what I propose to you in this kit… By using an album of 7Gypsies with double pages (you can cut them, make windows, tags, envelopes, fold them, etc) to make an album ABOUT YOU (!) About everything that you like, everything you hate, everything you like very much, everything that touches you, your preferences, your memories, your beloved books, your favourite meals, your preferred films and music, etc. Really everything about you from A to Z…
Do it for you and all those which love you and which one day will ask you surely these questions…

To help you to carry out this important project, I created a kit who is very big and where, in my opinion, absolutely nothing does not miss!

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