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Greedy Pleasures

The autumn… The richness of the autumnal colors and the abundance of harvests on the markets give us the desire for cooking meals in large cocottes, to stew, to create, test and enjoy delights.

The best meals I had never eaten, they were the meals of my grandmother. Each year I passed from 2 to 3 months in their two large houses to Ukraine. Imagine… the second house was specifically devoted for the two passions of my grandparents. There were a workshop for the gardening and do-it-yourself for my grandfather and a great kitchen with a true oven to cook the meals for my grandmother.
She dead too early, I was just 15 years old. I wasn’t capable yet to cook meals and all the secrecies of these tasty meals left with her. She had never written anything, all was in her head and her heart. And even if today I cook meals very well, I am not able to remake my favourite’s meals which were also the favourite’s meals of all our family but still everyone remembers.

And if the scrapbooking were invented to safeguard invaluable memories, I propose this kit to you “Pleasures of the table” in which I have includes the album of 7 Gypsies with envelopes that you can deteriorate to safeguard all the tasty receipts of your grandmothers, your mothers and yourself.

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