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I love April. It’s the month of Easter and also of my birthday... and of the arrival of spring.

The sun and the good weather give us the taste to fill our house and our heart of flowers and to be extravagant. I had prepared for you the ideal kit to do that.

Chantal Laliberté and Karine Courtemanche had prepared great chronicles. You will have what to read and inspire you with a lot of beautiful pages than my guests had made for you.

And me, I want you wish a very Happy Easter, much sun in your lives, full with love in your heart as well as your days filled of happiness!

"DARE" by Chantal Laliberté

Article #1 : Art Deco Lettering

Admittedly, it is not a new technique, but since it is so pleasant and especially very simple to do, I wanted to introduce you to it so you can decorate your journaling.

First of all, you will need to trace different curvy lines. Those lines will be used to write our text on it. Plan the length and number of lines according to the text you want to write. Obviously, I advise you to use a pencil for your first tries! When you have obtained the desired results, you can only go over them with a black marker.

Little tip: *** If you are having problems tracing, you can use the famous chipboard scrolls included in the Scrap Magie kit, as a stencil. Here’s an original way of using the “negatives” of the chipboard.

Once your lines are traced, you will write your text, making sure that each letter touches both the upper and lower lines. Try going with a funkier handwriting…

Example on the page « Danse », a page about my husband and daughter dancing. We see the short text in art deco style. Also, on this page, I used a large scroll, and since it is as long as my page is high, I fixed it with brads.

My best friend, to pierce chipboard, is my Crop-O-Dile. I love that tool!

The scroll was painted with acrylic paint, and then it was inked. Finally, on the word « danse », I glued micro-beads on.

Article #2 : How to use rub-ons or transfers

Rub-ons are currently very popular, whether it’s lettering or patterns.

The general principle of a rub-on is the transfer.

With my experience, I would tell you not to use the whole sheet directly on your scrapbook page, because I’ve had accidents where, for example, one letter transferred to my page at a place where I didn’t want it to. So always start by cutting out the pattern or the letter that you want to use.

You’ll notice that there are 2 sheets to all rub-ons. The first is where the pattern is and the 2nd is actually a protector. With the protector, your rub-on cannot transfer itself anywhere. Once you have cut out your pattern, remove the protector and place the pattern at the place you wish to apply it. Be very careful not to place it right side up! Then, you just have to gently rub on the sheet and the pattern will transfer itself to your page.

Let me introduce you to my daughter, who is holding « her » page intitled « Ma Petite Fleur » (My little flower). On that photo, she was 1 year old. On that page, I got inspired from the Fancy Pants papers included in the April kit. It just goes to show you that you can get inspiration anywhere! I’ve included, on my page, chipboard flowers that I didn’t alter. I only added a line with my black marker, or in other cases, I added orange cardstock behind it.

Article # 3 : Creative Cards

When I saw the small deck of cards in the April kit, I really questionned myself.

Finally, I fell in love with that new product. It is actually a deck or creative cards, the size of play cards. On one side, there’s a title or a quote, and the reverse is simply lined to write your journaling.

On my page “Petite Fleur”, I used 2 cards to show them to you!

Obviously, you can ink them or even add a bit of doodling. Be creative when it comes time to dress them up…

Article #4- Altering a mini album

In the April kit, there is a chipboard mini-album. Normally, I love doing mini-albums, but just to show you the different possibilities of the kit, I decided to alter my mini-album and transform one page in a decoration. Of course, with the other pages, I can still make a mini-album!

I traced the album’s form in a patterned paper. I then cut it out and adhered it. I inked the edges of my flower and then I glued it on.
This is destined for my husband’s new office!

Article #5: Transparencies

In the April kit, there’s a Hambly Screen transparency. I love transparencies! In my “ballerina” page, I had fun cutting out part of the transparency to draw the eye to the photos. In addition, on the chipboard scrolls, I used a crackling medium.

Article #6- What to do with chipboard

In the Scrap Magie kits, you will often see different chipboard items. These types of embellishments are very popular right now, and we have to admit, Marina really loves them! 

Whether they are letters, mini albums, shapes like scrolls, flowers or frames, chipboard is available in different finishes (sateen, rough, glossy, etc) and sizes.

You can use the chipboard form as is, or you can alter it.

*** Little tip: don’t throw away the “negative” part of the chipboard, it can still be useful:
1. To trace new shapes on cardstock or patterned paper
2. To use as a stencil with acrylic paint or chalk
3. With the negative part, you can create a new shape by cutting the surrounding chipboard around the pattern, at a few centimeters from the negative itself.

There are many ways of using chipboard forms, let your imagination flow: you will certainly find other ways. But still, here are 25 ways to get you started:

1. Use the chipboard in its rough state and simply added a line of black pen or a bit of ink, chalk or paint.

2. Paint over the shape entirely with acrylic paint (don’t forget the sides, which can be visible, especially with thicker chipboard).
3. Paint with acrylic paint and layer with another colour using the Dry Brush technique
4. Use a crackling medium.

5. Ink entirely, or just the edges
6. Ink and use embossing powder or UTEE to give a glossy effect
7. Paint with acrylic paint, then ink to give dimension.
8. Cover with paper or cardstock
9. Cover with paper or cardstock and ink the edges
10. Cover with paper or cardstock and SAND the edges
11. Cover with paper or cardstock, sand and ink the edges
12. Cover entirely or partially the shape with ribbon
13. Add chalk on the shape
14. Twist a metal wire around the item
15. Twist embroidery thread about the item
16. Twist wool or fiber around the item
17. Cover with fabric
18. Pierce holes in the shape and add brads, eyelets or embroidery stitches.

19. Cover entirely or certain parts of your item with micro beads
20. Cover entirely or certain parts of your item with glass or rubble beads
21. Cover entirely or certain parts of your item with rub-ons
22. Cover entirely or certain parts of your item with stickers
23. Cover entirely or certain parts of your item with stamped images that you can emboss or not
24. Cover entirely or certain parts of your item with glitter
25. Cover entirely or certain parts of your item with flowers

"PENS" by Karine Courtemanche

An easy way of adding a personal touch on a scrapbooking page is to write or draw on it. But how do you choose the right pen? I love pens so much that I had to try hundreds! Here’s a summary of those I prefer…

The black pen

It is a must! There is a ton of black pens out there. I can’t name just one! So here are those I like best:

Zig millenium
Sakura pigma micron
Sakura pigma graphic
Staedler pigment liner
Faber Castell ecco pigment
Faber Castell Pitt artist pen
Pilot marker pen

All exist in many tip sizes. Try several of them, to vary depending on what you want to accomplish: a hidden text or a title!

Dare to use the quill!

For black tracing, using a penholder, a tip and ink is really worth it! There are a multitude of different tips available, for as many different effects. Acrylic ink is acid-free and the one I prefer is FW Acrylic Artists Ink. I really like China Ink, but not knowing if it presents a danger to my photos, I use it elsewhere on my page.


Zig Writers are an excellent choice. They are available in a variety of colours and give bold results. Furthermore, there are 2 tips to each pen: a fine 0.5mm tip for details and text, and a larger one, 1.2mm (quite appreciated when you want to fill a design or even a letter). Also, their results are durable and the ink is acid-free, both of which are highly important qualities in the scrapbooking world.
There are others as well:

- Marvy pigmented artist (2 tips, but slightly larger)
- American craft : 2 tips in a variety of beautiful colours
- Sakura micron : many pens in different size tips and different colours
- Staedler triplus fine liner : A lot of colours, but unfortunately they don’t resist well long-term
- - Marvy le pen : Very small pens, available in many colours, perfect for on-the-go
- Faber Castell Pitt artist pen : In an array of earthy colours, to give your doodlings a masterpiece look!
-Sharpie permanent marker : One for every taste… may be used on most surfaces, but be careful with porous surfaces, they can go through…

Brush tip pens can be very fun to use when you want to create shadows, volume and for inking stamps. Some are offered with 2 tips: one fine and one with a brush tip, which makes this a very useful pen!

-Marvy le plume andle plume II
-Staedler mars graphic 3000 duo
-Stampin’ writer from SU
-Sakura pigma brush

On a glossy surface

It can be interesting to write on a photo! The pens I prefer for this are:

Zig photo writer (my favourite!)
Sharpie poster paint (which is available in a multitude of colours! But be careful not to confuse them with Sharpie Paint, which are oil-based: you need to avoid this in scrapbooking!)

Staedler photo deco, which are also available in metallic colours

On a transparency

Yes, you can write on a transparency! I really like:
Good old Sharpies!
Bic Mark It
Zig Metallic Writers give a nice result and are still visible if the surface under the transparency is dark
Sakura Identity Pen
Staedler Lumocolor Permanent
Glaze for a 3D effect
Pilot Multiball: a pen conceived for writing anywhere: paper, plastic, glass, metal… I’ve tried it on different kinds of brads, it’s awesome to add some fun details!

On dark paper

Obviously, if we want to write on a black or dark paper, you need an opaque colour that will be visible!

White pens. There are many available on the market today, but the only one that satisfies me every single time is the Uniball Signo.
Others that I have tried and that have kept my attention also were:

-Sakura gelly roll
-Sakura soufflé
- Sharpie poster paint

Another interesting way of leaving your mark on dark paper is to use metallic pens. I really like Zig Writers, Galaxy Markers and Gelly Rolls Metallic.

Zig Writer Chalk Collection: Not very opaque, but it still gives a very interesting effect! What more, they come in many colours!

Finally for dark papers, there are the Gelly Roll Moon Light, which are, in my opinion, THE best pens to leave a very clear and visible mark. And an interesting tidbit is that the ink of these pens glow under an ultraviolet light!

Special Effects

We all love glitter!
My special mention goes to pens that add glitter to my page. I love American Crafts Ultimate Gel Pen but my real favourites are Gelly Roll Stardust! They even come in a clear version that only adds glitter (Gelly Roll Clear Stardust), it’s awesome to highlight embellishments!

Sakura also offers pens with interesting effects :
Glaze for a 3D stained glass effect!
Soufflé for an opaque and slightly raised effect

Be patient, however, because you have to let these dry completely before touching them!

Gelly Roll Silver (or Gold) Shadow: for metallics with a coloured border.

Chisel Tips

Excellent for calligraphy! And don’t let yourself be impressed by the word Calligraphy. Hold your pen at a 45 degree angle and let yourself go! You will obtain interesting results!

Coloured pencils

Just like when we were kids! Companies like EK Success have thought about it and offers us acid-free wooden pencils. They are awesome to fill a stamped image or hand drawn letters! Coloured artist pencils in archival quality are also perfect.

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