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Carnival in Venice

Venice… Is there any other town as mysterious and flamboyant, as theatrical and as unreal. A town surrounded by water and built on water. There are towns that one should visit and Venice can surely win the first place.

I had a chance to visit it twice. If you have this possibility I advise you explore it during evenings and nights. In a daytime you can visit museums, churches, the very famous Santa Maria della Salute, built to thank the Virgin for putting an end to plaque epidemic, the palaces (for Venetians there is no other palace except Doges, others they call Ca which is the abbreviation of “casa” (house) and the only square is Piazza San Marco, others are called “Campo” (field).

You can walk on the little and incredibly narrow streets, getting lost and finding yourself over and over again on the magnificent Saint-Marc square, admiring the beauty and the richness of the architecture damaged by time and water. Or, you can take a ride on a gondola and, if you have a chance listen gondolier’s beautiful stories and songs.

You can visit Doges palace and the prison while passing the bridge of Sighies (to walk on this famous bridge is an incredible experience, these must be the convicts sighing when for the last time they were watching daylight or a last day of freedom through the windows).

You can sip coffee in the famous and luxurious Cafe Florian, full of stories and legends.

Or especially, wander everywhere just to find yourself in front of the architecture masterpieces like the Palais Contarini del Bovolo with its spectacular helical tower, or in front of Casa Goldoni, the house where Carlo Goldoni was born. This is presently a museum where you can see the typical Venice house interior. Or the same, you can find yourself in front of the Santo Stefano church with real masterpiece – the portal magnificently sculpted in rock. You can also admire the wells that were used to gather and conserve drinking water.

I advise you to enter everywhere you can, what looks like a little cathedral from outside can surprise you by splendid decorations; a little narrow hidden street can have magnificent yards or nice cafés or restaurants.

During the evening walk on the Pont Rialto to admire the splendor of Venice, because the night hides facades ravaged by time and touched by humidity. This is a city of our dreams, the city that was the most famous, most admirable, most painted, the city of lovers, painters and poets.

I can talk about this city for hours. I know its history, I do not know if there is a book left about Venice that I did not read or I did not look through. There is always something that reminds me of this city everywhere in my house: a painting, a mask or another book about Venice on my night table. I am dreaming of returning there once more with my family to show my kids and my husband its beauty.

I know that this city can appear strange to you, damaged and dying. It is not true, it is nothing but illusion. Venetians predict tomorrows flooding of their city for centuries already. How good Philippe Sollers said (« Dictionnaire amoureux de Venise » Plon 2004) : « Venice is an amplifier. If you are happy, you will be happy twice more; if you are miserabale, the city will make it hundred times worse”.

The month of February is the month of Carnival in Venice – the most luxurious and mysterious itself. Its history goes back to XI century. In XVIII the Carnival becomes almost continuous.

Venetian mask fashion gave the advantages and the freedom. The poor played rich and the rich pretended to be poor. In 1797 the Carnival was cancelled and it took it almost two centuries to be reborn.
Look at a beautiful Carnival's Costumes


And here is the kit – flamboyant like the carnival where everything is possible, beautiful as Venice and full of the colors of life. Why not dare and mix papers, or make pages that you were dreaming of making for the longest time, or try styles that you did not dare to use.

The column presented by Chantal will give you even more ideas, resources and tricks on how to use the products presented in this kit.

Part 1
Introduction : DARE

It is today that I introduce my new column “DARE” that is the result of my collaboration with Scrap Magie.

It is not always easy to dare but I will reveal to you what interests me in this new experience…

You can not make a mistake in scrapbooking because everything is “reusable”.

What we think to be a mistake is in reality :

A new possibility that is opening to us,
An new perspective to explore,
A different way to do things and to put them on pages…


Part 2
Focus on an item included in the kit: a wooden frame imitation.
Explore the possibilities.

There is plenty of interesting ways you can use it.:

- Of course you could use it around a picture or text without alteration.
- You can also decorate your frame: a little bit of sand, ink, paint, etc. And why not a glitter, pearls, stitches, ribbon and flowers. The possibilities are unlimited…it is up to you to choose according to the type and the style of your page…
- Cut the corners of the frame to transform all 4 picture corners.
- Or again, use the corners as arrows!
- You can also use it to frame your photo in a non-traditional way. !

Part 3
Focus on an item included in the kit: the stickers

I love stickers Creative imagination – Anthology of different format!

This is very useful to add a date, a name or any other short text to a page or a mini-album, whether a text is written by hand , with rub-on letterings or with alphabetical stamps or stickers, the result will always be interesting.

The fact that the stickers are in black and white is great, this gives you more choices when using them and there is always the possibility to add color.

A little trick : The colors : beige, orange and brown, used for my page « Yvette » did not go well with the black and white stickers (they stood out too much for my taste). To arrange everything, I added a little bit of chalk to make my sticker more “beige”.

Part 4.
Focus on an item included in the kit: the transparency

Here is the item in scrapbooking that is really « in fashion » and being a good consumer I love to discover transparencies in February kit Clear Expressions de Rhonna Farrer

Yess, there is a joy in my heart!!!

It is an imprint on transparent paper (Acetate: 12x12 format) that can be used as is or cut in pieces according to what you are going to do.

Here is how I used it.

Evidently, the theme was a picture of my daughter – Marilou…In order to enhance the design and the photo, I chose the beige paper.

Part 5.
The style in scrapbooking : freestyle

The page « Non, no photo » is an example of freestyle.

This style is characterized by non-conformism, the design rules are forgotten and you can have fun with colors, textures and designs on the paper…You ca make whatever you want, all is permitted!

Yesss, I must confess that I adore this scrapbooking style, it is very liberating. You do not think, you do not meditate, you glue under influence of your emotions.

For my page I amused myself by creating a princess story, I cut a design from Hambly Screen paper which gave the impression of a crown, I added decorative stones, a text cut from sizzix, chipboard lettering and the trick is done!

Part 6
Focus on an item included in the kit: jewels on your page

Very fashionable, these little gems or jewels add a touch of sparkle to your page.

On my page « Nope, no photos », I had fun decorating my princess crown, I also added a ribbon made of little sparkling stones.

You can also add little jewels in the center of flowers, make a border, add them on a photo corner, directly on the photo or on a ribbon.

Let your imagination go free !

Part 6
Journaling Notebook

It’s absolutely genius! I love it!
It is a notebook with the different choice of journaling cards. You need just right your journaling ant add this one to your page.


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