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Christmas Party

This project-kit was inspired by the 3rd annual Christmas Party for the on-line Scrapbook Café Forum which was organized by Gislaine (aka Gigi).
I attended last year’s party and loved it. It was so well organized and I can’t say enough about the care the hostess put into everything; all the gifts, the draws, the contests, the tasty food; the atmosphere was that of a family gathering filled with fun and laughter. We were able to share tips and advice with one another. With all the excitement and creativity in the air I managed to get several pages made. This kit is inspired by the joyful memories I have kept of this Party.

For the December project, I present you with a chipboard album from Maya Road that you can modify into something splendid. I don’t know if you are like me, but I always take lots of photographs during the Holiday Season, but afterwards I never seem to have time to scrap them all. I usually manage to scrap 2-3 pages and then the other photos get stashed away into boxes for when I get a spare moment. But my time never seems to free up, so I decided that with this project I would make an album with all those leftover Christmas photographs.

The possibilities are endless. In my case, I chose to bring together all the Christmas photos taken since meeting my husband, because while leafing through my photos, I noticed that there was a moment in each Christmas that was particularly memorable. Maintaining all is there. This album and these splendid papers of Daisyd' S helped me much to show the merry environment of these Christmas.

There is as a snowflake out of wooden as I propose to you to modify. It always remains us recut papers which one I like. Sometimes they are used they to make another page, sometimes to make charts, but most of the time they remain in our drawers. This is why I found that it is a good idea to decorate it with our papers preferred with Christmas to put it on the fir tree. I used papers of Daisyd' S. I used papers of Daisyd' S. Thus

I give you a bond to have useful information to organize the Christmas partys

… and another for your amusement

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