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All Year Round Creations and Instagram

All Year Round Creations and Instagram

Hello everybody!

How are you doing? Are you still creative, passionate and productive? Yes, no, a little bit?

I missed you! I was absent for family and health reasons, but my creativity was still active.
I want to share all that again with you as I always do.

So if you are interested now, follow me on Instagram sminspiration), ask me questions, share your opinions and give me your comments or suggestions.
And here are two of my creations...

The first is a family album. We do this for 3 years. In fact, everything is started in December, 2013 (I told you here in this section "Inspiration" in "Advent Calendar") when a new tradition was born into our family. And I thought, why not do it all year. And now, That is our third year. Every year has been different, but the idea is the same: Every Sunday for 52 weeks, each of us wrote and did a little drawing about the week just ended.

The second creation is a calendar that I built and to be placed on the desktop of my daughter. This is a magnet calendar that I change every month. Everyone loves it. And for me, who has always loved to put a lot of details in my creations, this is a real challenge of achieving it.

That’s it! You can see my other creations on my Instagram @sminspiration

Welcome and see you soon!


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