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Advent Calendar

You know my passion for making Advent Calendars. Every year I do it differently. When my kids were little, Christmas stockings were perfect to put small gifts and for their pleasure. The more obviously they were growing up, more it became more elaborate: gifts mingled with outings and words of love.

Last year a new tradition was born, thanks to my husband. Every day, he was writing on small pieces of paper with words of love or stories for me and the kids. At the end of each day, these pieces of paper was putted on our Advent Calendar.

And this year, I had introduce an additional idea to further develop this wonderful idea from my husband. I decided to use large tags, that you had this year in the complement of December, for our children so they will be able to participate in this adventure.

So every night I putted on a different tag that I had pre-decorated using my Christmas kits with a theme for each day (outing, new book, buying a Christmas tree, cookies, etc. . ) and in the evening my children and my husband were writing a text, drawing a picture or both. They were free to make on it whatever they wanted.
You know ... that the fact that I didn't put all tags at the same time from the beginning but rather to add them on a day by day basis that have created at the end an incredible effect. And imagine what memories! All these drawings, words of love, gratitude, emotions, I told you, it's amazing.

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