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Creating with children

I am making many creations with children (arts and crafts, scrapbooking, painting, etc.).

Sometimes I help them, sometimes I give suggestions and techniques that I teach them according to their ages, but mostly I let them make it so without intervention. And often, I'm inspired by their incredible ideas.

Here are some creations that I made with them in December.

These cards, my children have given as gifts. I found this great technique (shown on the Scrapbook Central blog. Thank you girls!). We have made them using my last December old kits.

This Christmas garland, we have made it to decorate the house.

I cut snowflakes using my favorite Hambly Screen papers Prints (you have had it in my kits before). They are the die-cuts from Tim Holtz.

Then we used paper cups (purchased at Ikea) to make a garland.

My daughter created this ceramic box for a gifts exchange that they had at school. The gift must be a handmade one.

I suggested her to fill this box with small Christmas balls. They were painted using Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam (included in my last December add-on).

And here, other creations for inspiration ...

Ornaments for the Christmas tree

Sparkling snowflakes (I often talk to you about this wonderful blog)

Christmas glitter balls

Paper snowflakes . Great!

And you? What do you make for that Christmas time?

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