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May 9, 2010

And here is another novelty from Scrapmagie: the "Art Journal" section !

You know, after having invited 70 very talented girls from around the world, I decided to stop having guests (I told you about it HERE). So since that time, that was always me you could see in that section. That repetition made me think about changes I had to do in that section. I do not like when things do not move and when we see always the same thing on a web site...

After mature reflection, as always, the solution came by itself ...

The "Guest Section" will become the "Art Journal Section". The term "Art Journal" will appear instead of the Guests section in English, French and Russian version of the site.

As you may already know, an "Art-Journal is an artistic way to express his feelings, his thoughts to remember, to describe a source of inspiration, etc. and to put all that on paper in a notebook by using your creative talents.

An "Art Journal" can take various forms depending on the desire of its creator. So on mine, you will find there all of my findings, discoveries, images, beautiful web site, etc. that I have accumulated over years and that I want to retrieve easily...

Visually, this section will look like the "News" and "Step by Step" sections. So you will no longer need to search by using the Archives. We will just have to click on the "Art Journal" section to find the post of the day. You will be always able to find easily old posts since they will close down in a single file by revealing their respective titles.

In addition, from time to time, I'll post pictures in this section coming from the Flickr account of Scrapmagie. You can always download them and leave a comment there for me.

However you can find the bios and web sites of my former guests by clicking on the "Archives" button from January 2007 to March 2009

And I just have one more request to make...

If want to use an information, a link or a picture you found on the site Scrapmagie, please, mention the source and put the Scrapmagie link page where you found it on my web site.

Thank you very much!

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