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Idea: 365 days in pictures
January 1, 2014

How are you? Have you made your resolutions for 2014? Are you already contaminated by all these great ideas: 365 days, Project Life, Day by Day and so on… I am. Except that in my case it is absolutely utopian ideas. I know that I am able to start my projects without completing them. And believe me, that is nothing to do with the way I organize myself (You know I am a highly organized person), the desire to make them or any other reason. It does not work. Point!

So I had to find another solution. And Oh! Thank you Steve Jobs! With this iPhone app, I can manage all my pictures to make my year in photos. There are all kinds: family pictures, photos of my children, photos of inspiration or photos that I took during my walks or traveling to Montreal.

So I suggest that to you...

And I’ll be back with my idea for the year 2014.
To be continued...

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