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December Album. Base.
December 2, 2012

For some years now, this, I make an Advent Calendar and a December album (inspired by the idea of Ali Edwards). I intend to do exactly that again this year.. That is why I offered to you two Christmas kits: one to make an album and the other to make a advent calendar.

But one day, I noticed an advent calendar in the shop that I could not stop myself from buying it (I'll show it to you in few days in the Inspiration section). So this year, I will only make my December album.

Since this year I have 2 kits to make it (Oh-la-la!) that will be a gradual process where I will have to spend more time than usual.

I made a base and a cover for this album.

Here is the cover. The Step by Step describing each stage for its achievement will be published in the section dedicated to that purpose.

For example, I covered with it my last year December album to show you how it can be used with an album. As you can see, this cover gives you much greater flexibility in how to use it for a wide variety of album volumes.

And knowing my love for embellishments, this coverage will give me all the freedom I need to use as many embellishments as I want because I can create without worrying too much about the thickness of the pages.

The idea of this Christmas tree was inspired by a digital page that I saw one day on the internet.
Unfortunately, I do not know the author. If anyone knows this author, please send me a message so that I would be able to mention it.

To make my album, I used my 2 Christmas kits of this year:

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