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Album: 4. December - Advent Calendar. Pages 1 - 5
November 29, 2011

And here, this is my advent calendar for this year. That is a family tradition for many years. At the beginning I bought it. But since 3 years, I make them myself and my children like them so much.

This year, I will hang it on the wall. And every day, I will remove a page to discover a new day.

I plan to stick a picture of my child taken during day on the back of each page. I did the same thing last year.

To make this calendar, I used the project and the add-on of December 2011 and some reminders from my project in December 2010.

Here are the first 5 pages.
Others will be published in the "Step by Step" section.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me:

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