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Album 10: Planning
November 30, 2010

Are you ready for tomorrow?

I cannot wait to repeat this experience again...

Moreover, given that year I made an advent calendar completely different, I'm very curious to see how it will unfold.

Here's how I am taking to make it...

First, I put all my remaining material (after I made the advent calendar and the December album) on the 2 drawers on wheels (Ikea). In this way, it will be very easy to find everything I need. If you do this, remove all packaging (except rub-ons) to save you time.

You also asked me about message for advent calendar. ...

That is relatively simple. I cut 31 pieces of paper 2"x2" (My Advent calendar is from December, 1st to 31).

Each December day, I'll write a little note saying what we do during this day or where is hidden the surprise of the day.

Then at the end of the day, I plan to write the journaling or put a picture about this surprise on a card and I will place it in a large envelope.


Have fun and see you tomorrow!

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