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My Guests in November!!!
October 20, 2007

And now it’s time to announce my dear invited for November and again they are very talented scrappers.

My first invited guest is Tessa Ann Watte. I love what she does. I find her creations very artistic. And I have the impression that she can do wonders with papers of every color. She is one of the few people (I know) who can do wonders with the color the more difficult in the scrapbooking (in my view) the purple ...
Tessa Ann, thank you very much for accepting my invitation.

And my second invited guest is a woman also very talented. Her name is Mélane St-Cyr. She does beautiful pages in her specific style and almost always with photos in sepia which is a challenge in itself.
Mélane, thank you very much for accepting my invitation.

For those who don’t have seen yet the sneak peek of the kits of November, you can see them here.
Following several requests for these kits, they will be available next week (probably Monday).

Next week, I will launch a major competition. Watch the ad and participate ... in large numbers.

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