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Changes to the site and new subscription!
January 12, 2011




To start the new year, I decided to make again some changes to my site...

There is a section on my website that I prefer to others: l’Inspiration.

For me, this is the origin and the most important source of inspiration for creating my kits.

Looking at the statistics of my site, I noticed that there are many people who often return to watch a particular inspiration. And therefore I decided to make life easier for everyone by placing on a single page the photos of all Inspirations that I have been made on the site since the creation of Scrapmagie. There are 67 (!) for today!

So you no longer have to go through the archives to find a particular month inspiration. You just have to click on the photo of the Inspiration that you have chosen.

By making this change, I noticed that there are several inspirations that I had never activated. So I'll turn all gradually ...

Voila! Get inspired! And give me your comments if you want.


Now about the subscription ...

I do not know yet if I will go at the Winter CHA. I can go for only three days. Is it a little bit exaggerated to cross the continent for that little short time? Even I love Los Angeles where CHA Winter will be held. I’ll see…

And now, the kits ... I want to take a little break from creating kits. Honestly, I find fewer and fewer collections for my taste in the styles Vintage and Shabby Chic. Increasingly, I realize by giving my courses, making my own creations and creating gifts for my friends that I tend to use more and more of beautiful old collections that I love so much.

So I decided to do some projects (which will also be part of my courses) with my favourite products. And I will fill them with news products coming from the Winter CHA . I also saw some sneek peaks of several of these new products which will be perfect for making these kinds of projects.

So the projects will be filled with magnificent products from beautiful old collections and will be available freely without subscription. However the embellishments baskets, which can be used with these projects, will be only composed of new products from Winter CHA and will be purchase only by subscription.

I recapitulate:

For this spring (from April to June), I will propose 3 baskets filled with creative embellishments (flowers, stamps, alphabet, stickers, albums, papers, rub-ons, albums etc..). The price of each basket will vary from 100-150 $ CDN (like before or maybe little beat more).

And during the summer I'll be on vacation and I will be back in the fall with new products and projects.


Given the limited number of subscriptions available (according to my group purchasing strategy), the first come will be the first served. Then I'll have to put the others on a waiting list until I can start another series of new subscriptions or to replace a customer who would not have sent the payment before the deadline.

PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS A SUBSCRIPTION! You cannot use any opting out options like the ones that I have offered to you before.
If for any reason you do not buy the kit or the basket that I have prepared for you, you will lose your deposit to compensate me for the work I have done for you.


Subscription is open for the period from April 2011 to June 2011:

1. The subscription will cover the period from April 2011 to June 2011 and will include new products presented at the 2011 Winer CHA and maybe other products that I can find during that period;

2. During that period, I will offer to you 3 baskets with online techniques and step by step opened exclusively to the subscribers;

3. Given I cannot predict the final sale prices of baskets, I offer you to put a deposit $ 150 CDN for the subscription of 3 baskets (i.e. $ 50 per basket);

4. The payment of subscription is 150$ CAD for 3 BASKETS: the guarantee to get 3 baskets.

5.Then when baskets are ready, I will send you the final invoice, via PayPal, 48 hours before the launch of the basket that has been prepared for you, including shipping fees and taxes if applicable and I will credit you for an amount of 50$ CAN that you had already paid. You must pay this Paypal invoice in the next 48 hours.
The price of each basket (including several creative products in addition to papers and embellishments included) will vary from $ 100 to $ 150 CAN (maybe little beat more) plus shipping fees and taxes if applicable;

6. If for any reason do not buy the basket that I have prepared for you within 48 hours, you will lose your deposit of 50 $ CDN for it and your priority to purchase that one;

7. Please note that will be not possible to have a refund or an extension of the subscription or for buying other products;

8. If for any reason, I am not able to offer the basket as expected, I will refund you your deposit of the $ 50 CAN for that one or you can use that credit on your future purchases.

If you are interested to buy this subscription, please send me a message and I will send you the invoice via PayPal:

This subscription is open from today and must be paid before January 26!

I would like receive your comments what kind of products you would like to have in my baskets.
Thank you very much!

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