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March 4, 2009

All kits will be posted this week before Friday, February 6.


Each month, the same thing happens: I put my kit on line and my brain is already beginning to reflect on one who will be released the next month. Even if all my kits and baskets are been made in my head during my visit at the CHA, I am constantly being created and improved my kits often to find at the last minute unique and exceptional products for you.

And since my new subscription will start from April 2009 and that all subscriptions are sold already (Thanks to trust me!), The creation craziness itself can be more and more present ...

I received the majority of my orders. But some products will be late a little bite because of a delay in production of certain embellishments. But I am sure you will enjoy. Just seeing all these beautiful products almost every day is something really fabulous.

Watch the ad and sneak peeks.


For those who have not purchased a subscription, you will still be able to buy a kit or a basket if a subscriber will refuse to confirm her purchase within 48 hours preceding the sale date of the 1st of each month. In this case, the kit or basket will be freely available on the site as mentioned in the subscription procedure.

It is also possible that I may occasionally have extra papers that will eventually be available on the site.

Now, some news ...

After careful consideration, I decided not to have guests each month anymore. They say never say never and I will probably invite some guests occasionally.

Considering the enormous amount of time required for searching, selecting, organizing and monitoring required for this work, trying each time to find a guest whose style match with the one of kit, I would now use this time to make myself more creative scrapbooking.
I always saw that work I do in my company as a great pleasure and that is like that more and more. This work allowed me to acquire knowledge and experiences which I could not even dream of when I had started in the world of scrapbooking. However, I realized that the time I dedicate to the creation of pages and albums of scrapbooking steadily decreasing. The number of ideas and projects in my mind explodes in contact with all these beautiful products and I would love to have more time to realize and share them with you.
And that is all these pages and projects that I will make and will also serve as examples for the use of kits and projects each month from 1 April 2009 in the Gallery.

Believe me, I am very honored to have the opportunity to create all these fabulous galleries of scrapbooking artists who gave their time and who shared their expertise at the invitation of Scrapmagie.

Since December 2006, I was privileged to receive 70 guests! 70 great talents from all over the world! And I can not thank them enough for trusting me and accepting my invitation!

Another news is the activation of a Blog. That will not be a personal blog, but rather a blog of inspiration, discoveries, ideas and findings.
I will talk later about it ...

Here's a little sneak peek of my next discoveries for the kits or baskets. This sneak peek is in addition to the orders that I have received or those are on the road from the companies and that I've already talked when I was coming back from CHA . And a small Sneak Peek of beautiful flowers from Prima (I added some in March kits).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me:

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