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CHA Winter
February 7, 2009

It was my 5th CHA since I had opened my business! Almost an anniversary ...

I felt good to be in California while in Canada it was minus 25º C.

You've probably seen on other Scrapbooking Blogs or on the Blogs of companies all collections these are coming. So, as usual with the permission of the companies, I'll show you the creations made by their artists that will surely inspire you more.

Now my impressions ...

If the CHA Summer was filled with Cupcakes, the winter one was full of collections with animals. Forgive me not to order that kind of paper because I always feel uncomfortable with these drawings, even if I find them adorable. But there were interesting embellishments.

Another major trend that I noticed is the high creative quality of some papers and embellishments. There were products that left me speechless, so I found them very beautiful and creative.

I noticed that some collections have great finesse and delicacy. And ... there were many papers with peas. These collections inspire me to make my creations in the Shabby Chic style.

Now photos. I present them in chronological order ...


I was the first one to offer her products here her company had opened. I still like her Shabby style and light Vintage. She has released several embellishments in these styles.


Here is another company that I was also the first to have here and I always like very much their products.
Allison! I would like to give you big congratulations for all your new products! I love them.


I like this new company stilling young and so creative. They released four new collections with beautiful embellishments. What I appreciate most of their collections is that they are very versatile. You can use them for any season or photo. Look at these creations and you will understand all the possibilities offered by these products.


They offer a collection filled with very attractive colors and little fruits. And look at that counter full of all these Glitter products...


O-la-la! Wonderland ... Beautiful flowers, papers, fabric products and new stamps. WOW! I let you admire.

This Album you have HERE


This is one of my favorite companies. You often have their products in my kits. But this time it was something to see! One of their new collections fell perfectly into my personal taste. I returned each day to see them at their booth and talked with the designer Brenda Walton to congratulate her. I just hope that it will be not the same thing like after the Summer CHA when I had received just a small part of my order. I hope to receive what I ordered, so you can create with these wonders. I cross my fingers ...


It's not complicated. I am a big fan of this company. They announced that the year will be very Gypsy and also their new collection was inspired by this theme. That promises to us...


Very sweet, I really enjoyed their products. They released a Craft collection that I like very much because it opens up a lot of creative and endless possibilities. Beautiful albums and creative new stamps.


The company introduced 24 (!) New Alcohol Ink colors: pastel and bright. And a new pencil that you can fill it with ink to draw later with it.
In the photos, you can admire beautiful creations made by using Ranger products including the Claudine Hellmuth paint that been offered at the last CHA.


When this company offers Shabby style collections, I buy ...
The finesse of the drawings will remind you your childhood. And many-many paper flowers, I love it.


I discovered that company at the CHA of Chicago. It won an honorable mention at CHA this summer for the creativity of its booth. I had problems with my camera and I could not take photos of booth. They have beautiful collections in the Vintage style. But since my kit Vintage (“Golden Ring" of January) I was already full of that kind of papers and I have not ordered these papers.

But this time you will not miss products from them. I love new collections. Look at the pictures. It is absolutely incredible!

IDEA-OLOGIE of Tim Holtz

New mini-masks and metal embellishments. As always creativity is still there.


I appreciate the simplicity and the effectiveness of theirs products. Sometimes you got their products in my kits. Recently, I had putted the transparent in the kit "Love story”.


I found Melissa resplendent after all these years of fighting against cancer! ..

And new collections are soft and new Vintage embellishments that do not leave me indifferent ....


We was waiting their products. Four new collections and new embellishments. You will surely find to your tastes. I have enjoyed 2 collections: Marrakech and Porcelain. - Wonders.
And as usual - beautiful creations made by design team.


I love the new embellishments done by Melody Ross.


I found her latest collection very innovative. Invisible inked papers, chipboard and embellishments that we can color as preferences. Bravo Heidi Swapp!

I just hope that these products will not be delivery too late ...


And yes, another one of my favorite companies. New albums, chipboards, mini chipboards (I loved), mini flowers, ribbons and stamps.


I love this company. And this is other company that I have been the first here to offer the products.
New Glimmer Mist colors, beautiful chipboards (WOW!), Albums and attention - new stamps. We'll have fun!


All their collections have often been present in my kits. I love the quality of paper and the delicacy of design. And of course, I ordered latest products.


The quality of products is recognized throughout the world of scrapbooking. And as always you will find it in my kits.

There were also several other companies that have good collections and you will probably find some products in my kits or baskets: Creative Imaginations with the latest Karen Russell collection, Cosmo Cricket, Crate Paper, American Craft, My Mind's Eye etc. ...

Here, I finish the tour. And I hope that you have the “ride” at the CHA with me ...

Now… about my future kits and baskets ...

As I promised you, I tried to make even more creative. I did not order paints because I thought that will increase the weight of the box and in addition it's easy to find. But Glimmer Mist, stamps, albums & Crafts, fabric, metal embellishments, you will not miss.

There were a lot of collections that reminded me a lot of kits that I have already proposed (such as wedding kit, vacation kits or boys kits , for example) and so I tried to do not order these collections which would only repeat kits that are still available on my site.

I will offer you kits very romantic, sensitive, Vintage and Shabby Chic. Creativity potential will be there and we will try many new things and new techniques soon.

Yes, of course, there will be flowers. But this time, I did not order flowers that has already exist but I have choice new flowers of different colors not yet available on the market and whose with a design completely new.

Moreover, I had tried to be even more careful to offer you only innovative products with a different design from the one you have already in my former kits.

And ribbons and lace, of course. And among other things, pom-pom ribbons - which is another big trend now. I like to use it for albums or for making cards. It gives so beautiful finish.

That’s it...

Now you have just to be patient ... I know this is perhaps the hardest thing to do. I hope also that everything will arrive on time and that I receive all the content of my orders.
Many new products will already delivery soon.

And now I would like to tell something to my subscribers ...

If you have questions about what I had ordered for you like a particular product please send me a message. Thus, in the case that I will not have it in your kit or basket that will be easiest for you to order it in your local scrapbooking shops.

That I will be please to answer you as soon as possible.

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