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New Monthly Subscription Procedure
January 9, 2009

This New Year begins and I can not start it without offering you something new ...

First, because I want to offer you better service and better products, I have decided to limit my products offer. From now, I will offer each month on a regular basis one kit or project (according to my choice, i.e. kit/project) and one basket.

Secondly with the growing demand for projects, baskets and courses via Internet, I have decided to offer a new kind of subscription.

I have created a new formula and a very flexible way to do subscription. That new formula give you :
1. The guarantee to obtain each month the products and you does not have to pay the total of 6 kits or 6 baskets in advance and at once;
2. An opting out solution if you don’t want to buy a kit/project or a basket that I have reserved for you if you don’t like it;
3. The possibility to use the money paid in advance to buy any of the kits, projects or baskets available on the site at that time.

Now, the terms of the subscription ...

Given to the economic situation on the market, I have noticed a major change in the way these large scrapbooking companies offer their products. Indeed, I noted that it is increasingly difficult to predict whether if I will receive or not the products that I've ordered at the CHA because many of these companies cancel all orders for a particular product if they don’t meet their sales targets before they put it into production. That situation makes it very difficult to plan kits/projects or baskets and I have often to adjust myself at the last minute. That situation makes it very difficult to predict the prices of creative kits/projects and baskets because the composition of these may vary and can be different from the selling price that I had anticipated at the time of CHA.

In addition, you indicated in your messages (Thank you!) that you are often trying to reproduce a project or technique that I or my guests had presented with my kits but you are stuck because a stamp or another complementary product we use is already sold or that it is very difficult to find those on the market. I'm going to try, as far as possible, to provide all that is necessary for the technique and the project that I present in the same kit or project.

That will allow you to move more easily and quickly to create your projects and that will reduce the risk for those to be delayed or abandoned.

So I was thinking a lot about this and about many other things and I have decided to offer subscriptions as follows:

1. The subscription will start in April 2009 and will be closed in September 2009 and will include news products presented at the CHA Winter 2009 and also many other products that I can find during this period

2. Each month, I will offer you one kit or a creative project, including all you need to make your creations (including tampons, Glimmer Mist, paints, fabrics and so on.) with techniques and step by step opened exclusively to the subscribers and also one creative basket;

3. Since I can not predict the final sale prices of kits/projects and baskets, I offer you to buy an option to purchase as a subscription for 6 months at a cost of $ 25 per month for a total of $ 150 CAN;

4. The payment of one subscription-option of $ 150 allows you to choose one of these two following types of subscription:

1) Subscription-Option for KITS / PROJECTS: the guarantee to get a kit / creative project every month for 6 months;
2) Subscription-Option for BASKETS: the guarantee of obtaining a basket theme each month for 6 months.

5. Each month, I will send you the final invoice, via PayPal, 48 hours before the launch of the kit/project or basket that has been reserved for you, including shipping and taxes if applicable and I will credit you for an amount of 25$ CAN that you had already paid. You must pay this amount during these 48 hours.
Indeed, I predict that the price of each kit or project and each basket (including several creative products in addition to paper and embellishments) will vary from $ 60 to $ 125 CAN;

6. If for some reason do not buy the kit/project or basket has been reserved for you that month within 48 hours, you will lose your priority to purchase it and you will have to use your deposit of 25 CAD to buy any of the kits, projects or baskets available on the site at that time.
Please note that will be no refund or extension of the subscription for the next month!;

7. If for any reason, I am not able to offer the kit/project or basket expected for a month, I will refund you your deposit of the $ 25 CAN for this one or you can use that credit on your future purchases.

If you are interested to buy one of these two subscriptions, please send me a message and I will send you the invoice via PayPal:

This subscription is open from today and must be paid before January 22 before I am leaving for the 2009 Winter CHA.

Notify me telling me what you want to subscribe:

1) Subscription-Option for 6 KITS / PROJECTS: $ 150 CAN (6X25$);
2) Subscription-Option for 6 BASKETS: $ 150 CAN (6X25$).

I would also like you send to me messages that tell me what kind of projects you would like to have and what kind of products you would like to have in my kits/projects or in my baskets.

To get an idea of the kind of kits/projects or baskets I can make please see the following links what I have already offered:

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